What a pleasure!

„Should I stop?“
“ No, not at all. I just need to get used to your new ones.“
„Aren’t they pretty?“
„Hell yeah! Such a brilliant art pieces!“
„So you would probably like this,“ she said and gently grab my manhood. „Shall I try it right there?“
„Of course. I almost thought that you wouldn’t ask,“ I laughed.
„Get ready, now I’m taking you to paradise!“
I closed my eyes in pleasure and savored the incredibly powerful moment. And I wished it would never.
After a few minutes, a white substance blowout onto the bed.

„I’m a bit hungry. What about you?“ she asked while still licking her lips.
„Me too. By the way, you really deserve a little snack because that was pretty amazing. Anyway, as always.“
„Glad you liked it. Whose turn is it today?“
„I dunno, let’s toss a coin,“ I replied and fumbled in my jacket pocket.
„So, heads or tails?“ I placed coin on my thumb.
„Well, let me think. I’ll choose heads today!“
„Allright!“ I threw the coin and stepped aside.
That took only two or three seconds and the coin with the tinsel landed on the cedar wood floor. It seemed to spin there forever. Then it suddenly slowed down and almost stopped at the edge. Finally it fell to the ground. We both looked at the coin with excitement. There was a tails on that.
„To be honest I hope that it will be a tails actually,“ I smile widely. „I just wanna bring and give you such a sweet pleasure.“
„Oh wow! And I’m sure that it will be pretty and sexy one. I know you.“
„Yeah, don’t doubt about it, love!“

I grabbed my black leather coat and headed out. I had no particular destination in my head so I decided to go to the first pub I could see. It wasn’t even ten minutes walking when the ‚Smither’s Mill‘ neon sign caught my eye. So I took the handle and stepped inside. It was quite crowdy there but I didn’t mind it. It was even a bit better for my purpose. I sat down at the bar and ordered a beer. As I drank the bitter drink, I took a survey around the pub looking for our host for today. There were a lot of old regular barflies.
„Fuck off you piece of shit!“ suddenly a young woman with curly blonde hair shouted. „Keep away from me!“
And to add weight to her words, she threw the content of a glass of beer straight into the face, well now definitely her ex’s. He mumbled something obscene and walked away. The woman got up and sat down at the bar. She was about three, four meters next to me. But no one in the pub paid attention to it, because they were quite used to such a sharp exchange of opinions.
Today seemed to be easier than usual.
I waited for a while, then gathered up the courage to walk towards her.
„Excuse me, are you free here?“ I asked pointing to the empty chair next to her.
„Yeah, whatever,“ she said listlessly.
„Thank you,“ and I sat down. „Would you like something to drink?“
She looked at me stand-offishly, but when she saw my broad smile with white teeth, she suddenly changed her expression a little.
„Yeah, why not. I want a tequila.“
„But sure.“
I waved to the bartender and ordered her chosen drink and another beer for myself.
„Here you go, cheers!“
I laughed a bit pushing my glass to hers to toast. Glasses clinked and she smiled.
„Thanks,“ she said in a low voice and took a drink. I watched with admiration as she quickly kicked her tequila into herself. And she burped a little.
„Wow! You’re welcome.“
„No, it’s okay.“ I said. „Excuse me but I couldn’t help noticing your argument with that guy over there. Are you alright?“
„Me? Now yes. He’s such a dick!“
„I see. I know what it’s like.“
„What do you mean?“
„Well, I broke up with my girlfriend yesterday. She only humilitated and didn’t listen to me. She couldn’t accept another opinion.“
„Yes. Now I’m glad that she is gone. I feel much better.“
„I understand. So now you’re drinking at bars to clear your head, huh?“
„Exactly. And who knows, you might come across someone interesting that way. By the way, I’m Andrew.“
„Nice to meet you, Nicole.“
„What a lovely name. The pleasure is mine. And how about another drink? I invite you.“
„I will never refuse that, thanks!“

About an hour later we walked out of the pub together, clinging to each other like lovers. The moon was almost aggressively shinning.
„Sooo, what sur-surprise do you have for me-e?“ she said with wagging tongue.
„Just hold on, you’ll see it soon.“
„I’m so excited that I almost couldn’t wait! I must be strong!“ she laughed out loud.
„I’m pretty sure you gonna love it. Just five more minutes, I promise.“
„Okey donkey. Lead me, captain!“

And indeed, in five minutes we were standing in front of the entrance of my apartment. I opened the door. The drunken host didn’t even notice it wasn’t locked at all.
„Make yourself at home here,“ I told her when I helped her take off the jacket. „Do you wanna some snack?“
„It’s okay, I’m not very hungry.
„But I do! Jamie?“ I shouted. „Dinner is here!“
„Wait wha..“
The young woman didn’t even have time to finish her sentence when my soul mate suddenly ran straight towards her. She had a meat mallet in her hand and hit her hard on the head. The woman immediately fell unconscious.

We both waited patiently for her to wake up. When this happened, the first thing the young woman realized was that she was tightly bound and completely naked. And then she glimpsed our wide smiles with big sharp white teeth.
„What freaks are you? Let me go immediately!“
„No, I don’t think so,“ I laughed in a voice that was not at all like the one from the bar. „My bloody fiancée is hungry. And so am I.“
„Noo, please noo!!“ the woman still screamed as we rushed at her together. Without any agreement, we chose her huge breasts first. I just took the left, Jamie the right one. And we bit deep there.
„Please, don’t!“
„Shut the fuck up, you bitch!“ Jamie shouted and slashed her throat with one sharp swing with a large sharp nail. A geyser of warm blood immediately began gushing from her neck. We kissed and let the stream squirt straight into our mouths. And we kept kissing and just enjoying that delicious moment.

[The End]